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Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur is a non-profit student organization, dedicated to the cause of promoting entrepreneurship among students. It invites various eminent entrepreneurs to deliver lectures to educate students about the joys and hardships of entrepreneurship. Guest Lectures, Business Plan workshops Case study workshops, Knowledge Camps, patent workshops are conducted throughout the year to involve students in activities that are essential to an entrepreneur. E-Cell also actively incubates startup ideas by linking the right investors with the right entrepreneurs.



In the functioning of a startup, every member of the team assumes a key-role and become responsible for their own self, as opposed to large corporations and other institutions, where one's work remains confined to a limited domain.

Working As a Team

A spell of working in a startup, even for a brief period, helps one realize their sense of responsibility and hone their leadership qualities. Moreover, one gets to see the functioning of the entire entity, as the team involved in a startup is limited to few individuals alone.

Hands On Experience

Lack of technical skills, besides, is a main barrier for entry to core-sector internships, especially for students in their first year. In such a situation, interning at a startup might serve not only as a learning experience, but also an opportunity to leverage their other skills.

Interesting Work

Get to know how the product was being changed and optimized constantly, and how no one was willing to settle for less. People gets the opportunity to give input on what was working and what could be improved.


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